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Public Engagement Coaching

Public consultation, information drop-ins, conferences and hearings are all part of accountability and transparency. Many organisations make mis-steps in communicating their plans, by their approach to public engagement, leading to dis-trust, allegations and often anger. This can be avoided with our simple but effective approach to taking those                                         communities with you.

- Is there an increasing expectation on your organisation to engage more with the public?

- Is your transformation to a purpose-led organisation leading to greater public engagement?

- Are you either consulting communities or providing information 'drop-ins' for the public?


If the answer is 'yes' to any of the above, you should consider a course or interactive seminar in public engagement.

Mentor has recently provided these to a range of public sector and corporate clients. This course is useful in the following situations:


  • Public consultations and community meetings
  • Drop-in and public information events
  • Exhibitions, conferences and panel events
  • Committee hearings

Course content covers;

active listening

audience profiling 

conflict and resolution

psychology of presentation and influence

dealing with public filming, recording, social media interest

impactful language

body language / non-verbal communication

Enquire above - we'd be delighted to help