Writing Courses

Creating crisp, sharp copy

Crisis Seminars

An essential workshop drawing heavily on case studies as well as tried and tested exercises. A highly interactive event for groups of all sizes

Issues & Crisis Management Workshop

Mentor regularly assists large public and private organisations when there may be a reputational threat.

It is suitable for senior managers involved in crisis planning, crisis management teams or business continuity plus senior communications professionals.  

This is media training designed to give you the critical skills needed to manage media, public and internal communications at a time of crisis. 


Learning includes case studies,  a ‘magic bullet’ approach to getting your message right, plus: 

  • How public perception is reality for your organisation
  • What the role of social media means for your 'crisis'.
  • Why the media is crucial to successful crisis communications
  • Taking control of the narrative
  • How to develop lasting, positive relationships with the media
  • How to work with journalists, rather than against them
  • How to classify the threat from crises
  • Why crises escalate – and how to prevent that
  • Key messages that work and how to communicate them effectively
  • Key communications skills focusing on language and messaging
  • Basic steps to optimise internal communications
  • How to manage issues of confidentiality


Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding how to identify and deal with issues before they become crises.
  • Ability to recognise and tackle organisational cultures that incubate crises.
  • Template for improved planning for crisis and agility in response.
  • Learning from others’ experience.
  • Knowing how to deal with the mainstream media.
  • Making the most of your own media channels