E-learning communications skills courses

Remote learning - great theory, essential practical

Online communications skills courses

Using our advanced interactive video platform, we'll coach your teams in crisis media handling, down-the-line video interviews and key message development.  This fun and interactive course will enhance communication skills which you will be able to call upon whenever needed.


We now run courses using our advanced video conferencing platform in:

  • Media Skills with practical exercises for multiple participants
  • Crisis communications seminar and crisis response training
  • Media Awareness seminars / Press Officer training courses
  • Social media crisis simulation using video conferencing and our social simulator. 

This course is ideal for marketing, PR, senior executives and frontline staff who would like tips for dealing with the media.

Our video conferencing tool allows you:

  • See your tutor and each other
  • View our slide presentation at the same time
  • Practice live media interviews which can be recorded
  • Whiteboarding facilities
  • Put up a 'virtual' hand to ask questions
  • Live chat your tutor


These fun and interactive online courses will provide you with enhanced skills which you will be able to call upon whenever needed. 

Capacity: 1 to 20

Who should attend:

  • Marketing, PR and those personnel supporting their organisation's PR effort
  • Managers who wish to manage their PR professionals more effectively

Agenda may include:

  • Raising your profile - why PR is important
  • What motivates journalists
  • How to identify a story
  • What happens when you talk to journalists - and after
  • Alternatives to the News Release
  • The impact of social media in news gathering and reporting
  • Selling your story (practical session)
  • How to write and present your News Release
  • Writing skills (practical session)
  • How to prepare for interview
  • How to take control
  • Interview skills (practical introduction)