Customer Services Training

Developing your company 'voice'


Mentor can provide gold standard customer services training using the best trainers and practical software to develop your staff.

Our training team provided a successful programme of customer services training for Wales & West Utilities as part of their digital transformation. Staff were given high level coaching from our partner, Simon Hares, (formerly Future Publishing worldwide and an international customer services/management trainer).

Your customer services teams can also receive highly realistic, interative training on our social media simulator, 'Splutter', to practise their responses, tone of voice, and consistency of messaging. Mentor's in-house simple-to-use social simulation system ensures they can handle all manner of incoming queries and complaints from customers on social media. 

Mentor can assist in the audit of your internal/external communications, and has supported numerous organisations in ensuring they speak with one voice from Corporate Communications, Customer Services and other departments through all channels.