GWR re-commissions Mentor to produce celebrity rugby films

GWR re-commissions Mentor to produce celebrity rugby films


After the huge success of Mentor & GWR's previous 'Chats With Flats' for the 'Six Nations' tournament this year, we were re-commissioned to produce another five films, this time with David Flatman and former Welsh rugby ace, Tom 'Shanks' Shanklin.

The pair's inimitably dry repartee, gives fans a weekly resume of the game just played, what to expect from each team for the next clash, as well as helping to remind fans about planning their rail journeys.

I've loved working with these celebrity behemoths, (probably more 'moth' than 'behe' these days)!

Perhaps, as the GWR / Mentor success story continues, Flats n' Shanks are the new Ant n' Dec of the rugby punditry world.

Watch here for the latest episode in the series;

Filming has taken place in and around both Cardiff's Principality, (Millenium) Stadium and Twickenham. Some other fun locations have included local fans' pubs, physiotherapy rooms and railway stations. 

We'd like to thank all the staff at the stadiums and related locations for their kind cooperation in making these films possible. 



Article Author: Emma Lewis

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